idk why everyone is so concerned with the Christmas parade driver. he didnt even cross state lines

thinking about starting a company thats a mix between gofundme and a bond insurer. how long do you think i could operate before i get canned by the payment processors?

Man I wish I was still on twitter to salt mine.
Bought a share of $GME. I'm willing to lose 100% of that money because I know the jews can lose much, much more than 100% with their faggot shorts.

‘Haven’t the Kurds suffered enough?’ Hillary Clinton to produce TV drama on Kurdish women fighters

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are producing a TV series based on the exploits of female Kurdish fighters in Syria. Expect a whitewashed tale of girlboss feminism, that just may be awful enough to finally unite the Kurds and Turks. Read Full Article at

Why is everyone mad that China has chosen to start taking the Hollywood poison that we have been taking for decades?


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