@jew this was the last thing a box of doughnuts ever saw

idk why everyone is so concerned with the Christmas parade driver. he didnt even cross state lines

thinking about starting a company thats a mix between gofundme and a bond insurer. how long do you think i could operate before i get canned by the payment processors?

@[email protected] he should probably get with Sandmann's lawyers for that

Man I wish I was still on twitter to salt mine.

@sam iirc phones in different regions need different com chipsets to work on the networks in that country

@ethot hey kids, anyone have plans to overthrow the government? You can trust me

@Hyolobrika @[email protected] @Agni @hyde I think that matters a little bit less because of how easy it is to drop off CF. You'll lose DDOS and have to buy a cert but it's not difficult to migrate your DNS settings

@Jdogg247 the Senate is not a democracy, the house is closer to a democracy. The reason the Senate is structured that way it's to give minorities more representation and it's hilarious that they hate that

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